Registered seat:
Emser Straße 9
10719 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 544 61 793
Fax: + 49 (0) 30 544 61 794


Managing partners:
Frederik Bockslaff, Joschka Strahmann

Persons responsible for content:
Frederik Bockslaff, Joschka Strahmann

Legal form:
Bockslaff Strahmann is a partnership [Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts] pursuant to Sec. 705 et seq. of the German Civil Code [Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch].

Competent supervisory authority:
Our attorneys are members of the following bar association [Rechtsanwaltskammer], which is also the supervisory authority:
Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin, Littenstraße 9, 10179 Berlin,
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 30 69 31-0, Fax: +49 (0) 30 30 69 31-99, E-Mail:

Statutory occupation designation:
The statutory occupation designation of our professionals is: Rechtsanwältin/Rechtsanwalt.

All our attorneys were awarded the occupation designation in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Professional rules:

• Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung (BRAO) [Federal Lawyers’ Act] • Berufsordnung (BORA) [Rules of Professional Practice] • Berufsregeln der Rechtsanwälte der Europäischen Gemeinschaft [Code of Conduct for European Lawyers] • Fachanwaltsordnung (FAO) [Rules of Professional Practice for Specialist Lawyers] • Gesetz über die Vergütung der Rechtsanwältinnen und Rechtsanwälte (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz – RVG) [Act on Lawyers’ Fees] • Bundesgebührenordnung für Rechtsanwälte (BRAGO) [Federal Fee Regulation on Lawyers‘ Fees]

The above rules and laws as well as further professional rules can be found at

VAT identification number: DE 281523251

Professional liability insurance:
Attorney Joschka Strahmann: R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG, Taunusstraße 1, 65193 Wiesbaden
Attorney Frederik Bockslaff: HDI Gerling Firmen und Privatversicherung AG, Riethorst 2, 30659 Hannover

The liability amount per event of damage is EUR 1.0 million per calendar year.

The territorial scope of the insurance extends to:
1. Germany

2. Other European countries

The insurance applies to liability claims resulting from activities
a) performed in the course of consultation on and related to European law;
b) performed by the attorney before European courts.

3. Worldwide to the amount of the statutory minimum insurance sum for liability claims resulting from claims brought forward against the respective insurance policy holder before non-European courts.